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Just to provide some ‘context‘ for this website, its primary purpose is to serve as my personal blog.  I have no intent to monetize any of my services through ads or affiliate marketing.

The current topics in order of anticipated content volume are as follows:

  • Recipes (primarily focused on slow-cooking and chicken-based recipes): These are all recipes that I’ve made at least once, and can attest to the fact that they aren’t disgusting.  I imagine, however, that my standards for quality in food are not particularly high compared to the average person.
  • Ramblings: These can be self-contained thought experiments, related to philosophy or psychology.  They can also be just a subset of the other categories where I made a post that goes into a lot of additional detail.
  • Investing: Posts related to my experimentation in value investing.
  • Maxims: Simple phrases that I repeat to myself to keep me sane in my day-to-day life.
  • Privacy: Posts related to privacy, and hopefully information on how to actually improve your privacy.

That being said, the blog itself doesn’t have much of a dedicated theme, and the topics will likely fluctuate quite a bit as time moves on.

Based on the name of the site, I also figured it’d be a good idea to include some recommendations on how to improve both your privacy and/or security right here on the home page.  The recommendations listed below are all things that I use personally (unless otherwise specified).

Vital Software & Services:

These are links to software and services that I would consider vital – meaning that I think that at a bare minimum, everyone should use these.

Operating System:

  • Desktop/Laptop: macOS
  • Mobile: iOS is (in its default state) better with regards to both privacy and security when compared to Android (in my opinion).  You can certainly tweak Android (or download custom ROMs like CopperheadOS) to make it better in these aspects, however.



  • [*] Password Management for Browser: bitwarden

Additional Software & Services:

These are links to software and services that I would consider to be more specialized or advanced, requiring some additional set up and configuration time when compared to the vital ones listed above.

Operating System:



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