Month: February 2017

Third Maxim

My third maxim is: “We are all equals.” This maxim is intended to serve as a reminder to stay grounded.  There’s no harm in being proud of yourself and celebrating your own successes.  The line between ‘proud‘ and ‘arrogant‘ or […]

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Just made this soup today, and it was super easy (and it turned out great!).  I’ve just got a few suggestions: As with any soup made in a slow cooker, it’s extremely hot when served.  I’d highly recommend letting it […]

The Death of SHA-1

Today (February 23, 2017), Google announced the first known collision in SHA-1.  They’ve posted two PDF files (which I’ve re-uploaded here and here) that both hash to the same value (38762cf7f55934b34d179ae6a4c80cadccbb7f0a).  What does this mean?  In short – the collision […]

Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker

This recipe didn’t seem quite as well received as others that I’ve made with the family, but it was good nonetheless.  I personally liked the taste/texture, and I don’t think anyone else really had an issue with the taste.  The […]

Thoughts on a “Robot Tax”

I recently came across this interview with Bill Gates where he proposes a sort-of ‘robot tax’, with the basic premise being that a worker is taxed on their income – therefore, if a robot replaces that worker then the robot […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tetrazzini

Note that this recipe appears to be very similar in nature to the chicken stroganoff recipe I posted previously.  If I had to choose, however, between the stroganoff and this tetrazzini, I would go with this for a few reasons: […]

Thoughts on Determinism

[Intro] I recently got into a discussion about determinism with a friend, and I came to realize that while it is an interesting subject, it’s seemingly useless to consider. If you’re not clear on what I mean by determinism, think […]