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Diminishing Odds

Today I had a somewhat interesting thought regarding relationships and relationship success. The thought is fairly simple to explain: in some studies, it has been theorized that more intelligent people tend to have ‘unnatural’ or ‘novel’ preferences and values when […]

Mind-altering Substance: Observations

I recently used some “mind-altering” substances.  Going into it my plan was simply to watch some videos on YouTube and relax.  Instead, however, I decided that while I was “under the influence” that I would try to put some of […]

Cryptanalysis of the iMessage Protocol

Introductory Material It was brought to my attention recently that the Apple publishes the details of their security protocols online (which is pretty cool of them), so I took the opportunity to do a somewhat rudimentary review of the iMessage […]

An Insight on Good vs. Bad

[Introduction / Abstract] Today during a (somewhat) philosophical discussion, I had a thought (which I’m sure has been hashed out before) with regards to ‘Good’ vs. ‘Bad’, but I figured that I may as well write it down for my […]

Pattern Recognition

I’ve had many ideas revolving around this concept of ‘pattern recognition’ running through my head lately, so I figured that I’d start putting them into words in hopes that I can form a coherent idea or two. [Introduction] What do […]

Third Maxim

My third maxim is: “We are all equals.” This maxim is intended to serve as a reminder to stay grounded.  There’s no harm in being proud of yourself and celebrating your own successes.  The line between ‘proud‘ and ‘arrogant‘ or […]

The Death of SHA-1

Today (February 23, 2017), Google announced the first known collision in SHA-1.  They’ve posted two PDF files (which I’ve re-uploaded here and here) that both hash to the same value (38762cf7f55934b34d179ae6a4c80cadccbb7f0a).  What does this mean?  In short – the collision […]

Thoughts on a “Robot Tax”

I recently came across this interview with Bill Gates where he proposes a sort-of ‘robot tax’, with the basic premise being that a worker is taxed on their income – therefore, if a robot replaces that worker then the robot […]